The Boyer College of Music and Dance offers a variety of opportunities for intermediate and professional development every summer.

Offerings from Summer 2020 are below. Please check back for Summer 2021 workshops and dates.

Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Each course will feature 70+ hours of instruction in Edwin Gordon's music learning theory and its practical application. Daily classes will feature lectures, collaborative music making, musicianship classes, movement, singing, playing instruments, and much more.

Young Women Composers Camp

The Young Women Composers Camp aims to amplify the voices of young women, to allow them access to a high level of musical training, and to close the gender gap in the music composition field and create a more equitable music sector. We strive to be accessible and inclusive to anyone who identifies as female or non-binary.

Jump Right In 2020: The Instrumental Series 

In the one-week workshop, we focus on an accessible aural-skills approach to music instruction that progresses sequentially to performing, reading, and writing music with comprehension.  Topics include song instruction, pattern instruction, tonal and rhythm syllables, improvisation, composition, and recorder and instrumental (winds, strings, and percussion) performance.  The workshop is appropriate for instrumental, general, and vocal teachers at all levels who would like to improve their musicianship skills for teaching.  In the workshop we will also introduce participants to the 2020 revision of Jump Right In:  The Instrumental Series for Recorder, featuring the Teacher's Guide, Student Book Solo Book, and Online Audio Files.