Two programs in dance are available as 22 credit-hour minors. These programs are available to undergraduate students enrolled in schools or colleges other than Boyer.

The general Minor in Dance provides a foundation in technique, followed by a small amount of specialization in dance theory.

The Minor in Hip Hop Dance and Culture is designed to appeal both to experienced dancers and to complete beginners. For those with a high level of expertise, it will prepare them to engage with various aspects of the commercial dance industry through a DIY entrepreneurialism. For those who are novice dancers, the philosophies and sensibilities of hip hop, which are rooted in Africanist values, will offer skill-based learning that privileges improvisation, creativity, community, and self-advocacy. Studies in hip hop dance will invite students to address critical concepts, including race and racism, cultural appropriation and commodification, oral history traditions, and African American heritage and values. 

For both programs:

  • Minor credit will not be awarded for grades below a B- in Dance coursework.
  • All technique courses are repeatable two times only, which will allow a student to enroll in the same level of technique for two semesters thus ensuring opportunity to develop full competencies associated with that level.
  • Theory courses are not repeatable, although students may enroll in courses other than those listed in the requirements with permission of the instructor.

A limited number of slots are available each semester, and an interview and audition are required to begin the program. Contact

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