Conwell Dance Theater

1801 N. Broad Street, 5th floor

Located in Conwell Hall (at the corner of Broad & Montgomery Streets), Conwell Dance Theater is a fully equipped 175 seat “black box” theater.

  • The stage floor is 40’ wide by 30’ deep with black and white reversible marley flooring over a wood floor.
  • Stage masking includes four legs per side, a white scrim upstage with a black velour traveler curtain in front of it.
  • There is a “dimmer-per-circuit” lighting system with 96 dimmers and an ETC Ion computer lighting console.
  • The House Light Plot is equipped with source-four instruments and LED Cyc lights.
  • The video playback system includes a MacBook Pro runing QLab3 Basic Audio and Video attached to a Panasonic-PT-DW930UW projector via HDMI.
  • The audio is connected to QU-16 digital mixer, a Yamaha Amplifier and 4-Veris 16-96 Full Range two-way speakers. There is minimal back-line support for live music.