Headshot photo of man in blue shirt and glasses.
Dr. Edward Latham, Chair of Music Studies and Associate Professor of Music Theory

Welcome from the Chair

Hello and welcome to the Department of Music Studies which houses four areas of study: Composition, Music History, Music Technology and Music Theory. As chair, I have the privilege of working  with a talented group of students and faculty, whose interests range from Baroque opera to queer identity bands. Our goal is to create an environment where students can flourish under the close direction of faculty mentors and our faculty are able to produce world-class scholarship.  

The department boasts a distinguished faculty with particular strengths in electro-acoustic music, music composition and visuals, music of the Baroque, music of Russia, opera, gender and identity studies, popular music (analysis and cultural studies), Schenkerian and post-tonal analysis, pedagogy of theory and musicology, hermeneutics and critical theory.

Our students gain valuable experience in research and teaching, preparing them for the changing landscape of music studies. A weekly colloquium features leaders in composition, musicology, and theory, in addition to sessions on professional development. Our student organizations, conTemplum (for composition), and THEMUS (theory and musicology) organize concerts of student works and conferences for graduate research. The department’s faculty and students constantly seek new and innovative ways to engage with the creation and study of music.

I invite you to explore all that our programs have to offer as well as the many upcoming events that we have available to the academic community.  

Warm Regards,
Edward Latham