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Mario LaMothe, 2023 Scholar in Residence

Scholar in Residence: Mario LaMothe

Mario LaMothe is an assistant professor in the Departments of Black Studies and Anthropology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is also a faculty affiliate in gender and women's studies and museum and exhibition studies. He received a doctorate in performance studies from Northwestern University. LaMothe's research focuses on embodied pedagogies of Caribbean arts and expressive cultures, and the intersections of queer lifeworlds and social justice in Haiti. A performance artist, his work has appeared in e-mesferica, Conversations Across the Field of Dance Studies, Women and Performance, the Journal of Haitian Studies, The Routledge Companion to African American Theatre and Performance and Duke University Press’ co-edited volume Time Signatures: Race and Performance after Repetition.

Dr. LaMothe will speak at the Dance Studies Colloquium on Thursday, March 23. His topic will be: Yanvalou For Haiti: An Affective Ethnography of Ayikodans’ Anmwey Ayiti Manman.

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Juan Ignacio Vallejos, 2023 Scholar in Residence

Scholar in Residence: Juan Ignacio Vallejos

Juan Ignacio Vallejos has a PhD in history from the EHESS and is a research fellow at Argentina's National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). He is the coordinator of the area of performance studies at the Institute of Performing Arts of the University of Buenos Aires. His research articulates dance and politics and focuses on the history of baroque dance in Europe and contemporary dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dr. Vallejos will speak at the Dance Studies Colloquium on Thursday, March 30 (rescheduled from October 27). His topic will be: Dance and Disidentification: Subversive Strategies Against Canonical Hegemony.