Portrait photo of Dr. Alison Reynolds in front of floor to ceiling windows
Dr. Alison Reynolds

Congratulations to Dr. Alison Reynolds, Chair of Music Education and Music Therapy Professor, on the long-awaited publication of Music Play 2. Dr. Reynolds is the lead co-editor and co-author, along with two TU Temple alumni (Cynthia Crump Taggart--PhD Music Ed and Wendy Hicks Valerio--MM & PhD Music Ed). Music Contributors include 57 practitioners from different countries and locations in the US, including many Temple graduates as well as those who have come to study Music Learning Theory in Philadelphia through workshops we've offered at the Gordon Institute of Music Learning or for credit courses at Temple University. Additionally, production assistants for the publication also include Temple University gradutes.

Through engaging children using Music Play 2, adults may build relationships with newborn and young children, additional family members, and other adults as they joyfully make music together; affirm and nurture newborn and young children's innate capacities for expressive musicking and movement; and honor and extend young children's expressed musical curiosities, ideas, and audeas (musical thoughts and ideas), helping them realize that their musical identities are worth sharing, developing, and preserving.

Music Play 2 materials function in companion with Music Play (GIA, 1998) and Edwin Gordon's Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children (GIA, 2013). Music Play 2 (494 pages) is bundled into two parts, Part A and Part B.