Group of conference attendees
Attendees of the 2022 Arts & Quality of Life Conference

On Friday, November 11, the Department of Music Therapy hosted the third international Arts & Quality of Life Research Center conference, Advanced Practice in Music Therapy, also marking the 10th conference since the Center's first one in 2006. In addition to sessions with Boyer music therapy faculty, the all-day event featured guest presenters from around the world including the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), University of Melbourne (Australia), Anglia-Ruskin University (England), Aalborg University (Denmark) and The Norwegian Academy of Music.

The Arts and Quality of Life Research Center was founded in 2004 by Dean Robert T. Stroker. It is used within the Boyer College of Music and Dance to promote research, training, and innovative programs that demonstrate the unique role of the arts in making a difference in peoples lives. Learn more about the Center.