• PhD, music therapy, Temple University
  • MMT, music therapy, Temple University
  • BS (cum laude), music therapy, Temple University

Dr. Michael Zanders’ research foci includes a variety of topics related to advanced clinical theory, practice and reflexive research in music therapy. His recent research has focused on music therapy treatment practices in working with youth in the child welfare system, particularly foster care youth. 
Zanders has presented extensively regionally, nationally and internationally at conferences and workshops, and has published both within the music therapy and counseling/psychotherapy fields. Prior to coming to Temple University, Zanders served as the program coordinator at Texas Woman’s University (TWU). In this role, was he awarded the Innovation in Academia Award for distinguished and innovative leadership. He has developed comprehensive education and clinical training programs that emphasize foundational understanding of competencies and dispositions for music therapy students.


Peer Reviewed Journal Publications

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Peer Reviewed Book Chapters/Supplements

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2018- Clinical BOPulations Podcasts- Introducing music therapists to new bops and new bops to music therapy. 

2014- AMTA-Pro Podcast Series- Music therapy with foster care youth.