A native Philadelphian, Victoria McGuigan studied within Temple University's Department of Dance, receiving her BFA and MEd. In 1996 she developed the dance program at the Temple University Music Preparatory Division, now in its 24th season. She has performed, choreographed and taught throughout the surrounding area, as well as in New York, Utah, and Brazil. Victoria has performed as a company member within Ann Vachon Dance Conduit, Brandi Floreen and Dancers, and with many independent choreographers. She has been the recipient of the Ellen Forman Memorial Award and the Temple University Dance Educator's Award. Victoria is the current president of the Temple University Dance Alumni Committee. In recent years, her work has evolved to include diversity and neurodiversity training inspired by her son, Asher. She has been awarded a 2018 Philadelphia Autism Grant from Drexel University supporting her work as an advocate for Autism/special needs inclusion. Offering diversity awareness via several tiers of education, her advocacy work promotes the basic tenet of embracing difference. This work currently exists in three forms: the “Dancing Our Difference” program targets neuro-typical children and youth populations in engaging dance theater processes to explore diversity/neurodiversity to promote inclusion, the “Diversity Training Program” for teachers, camp counsellors, community outreach staff, and pre-service teachers presents Sensory Processing/Sensory Integration Disorder awareness and offers tools for creating sensory accessible environments, and “Dance for Special Populations” which addresses the unique needs and abilities of a sensory diverse population and provides movement frameworks for teaching and learning within these groups.  Victoria is a member of daCi (Dance and the Child International) and NDEO (National Dance Education Organization).