The Center has hosted many conferences covering topics related to arts and the quality of life, all featuring national and international panel participants.

  • 2024: Revisioning Ability, Equity and Community
  • 2022: Advanced Practice in Music Therapy (program)
  • 2018: Advancing and evolving the methods used in music therapy  (program)
  • 2015: Envisioning the Future of Music Therapy: An International Symposium  (program)
  • 2013: Music Therapy at the End of Life (program)
  • 2012: Four Models of Music Therapy at Temple University (program)
  • 2011: The Music Therapy Tradition at Temple University (program)
  • 2010: Arts for Healing - Arts for Wellness
  • 2009: Arts and Quality of Life in the Philadelphia Community (program)
  • 2008: Society for the Arts in HealthCare Conference, hosted by Temple University (program)
  • 2006: Conference (program)

Arts in Healthcare Training Program

In 2008, the AQLRC received a $150,000 grant to develop and implement a competency-based training program for artists to prepare them to work in Healthcare settings. This initiative was part of Arts at Your Side (AAYS), the community outreach component of the Research Center. A precedent has been established in Philadelphia and elsewhere for artists to provide entertainment to non-traditional audiences. The training program, developed with funding from the Barra Foundation, equipped professional and student artists with the necessary knowledge and skills to most effectively address the needs of these audiences, and provided this training to 50 Philadelphia professional or student artists at no cost. This training included instruction as well as on-site supervision by qualified persons.